Women Who Lift and How to Nourish Them

Better every day.

When I look at that phrase, I am instantly motivated. The concept of being better on the daily is something we all aspire to, something we all intuitively want.

As someone in the Paleo health and wellness world, or someone who generally eats to be a better human, its already been proven that this innate curiosity we have unleashed works! We absolutely can be better every day by learning, growing, and nurturing our body with food. However, let’s talk about movement. Lifting. Training. Extreme exercise. Is the output that is occurring helping us or harming us?

What I am seeing with my clients and in general the online FITNESS world, we aren’t always bettering ourselves through movement. What do I mean by that?

Movement is medicine, just like the food we put on our plate. Where there is movement, there is creativity, happiness, and a connection with our body that just quite frankly has to happen. But just like all things, we like to go all-in.

With lifting, with exercise, with changes to our body- there are many pieces we forget about that keep us happy, wholesome, and motivated long term. This is especially true for women who lift. Try these 5 steps to make sure that you are nourishing not only your body for the demand placed on it, but also keeping your mind in the right place.

Take recovery aids!

There is a misconception that certain supplements are for meatheads wearing cut-offs, and just by working on getting more fit or flatter abs, there isn’t a place for these. When nourishing our body, supplements can play a key role in faster recovery time and getting adequate protein. Post workout protein and BCAAs can be incredible for recovering fast and preventing soreness.

Stop comparing.

Even in the midst of competitions, this is something I work on. This can easily become the hardest thing to do: when you compete, you push yourself, and comparison is somewhat inevitable. It’s how we respond to those numbers (numbers on the scale, number on the bar, number on the leaderboard) that make all the difference – do we see ourselves as less or more because of higher or lower number than someone else? If you feel yourself retreat, get smaller, or start self-loathing after certain classes or competitions- remind yourself that you are doing everything YOUR body can do, and remember what Theodore Roosevelt said: “comparison is the thief of joy.”

Find a nutrition plan and commit to it.

We have to nourish our body appropriately for our activity level. There are a thousand programs for nutrition, all of which will tell you vastly different things, varying in macros and calories and all the foods. Be patient in the process, find a plan that works for you, and when you commit to a plan, commit 100%. This will quiet the noise in your head that would otherwise drive you crazy! Second guessing yourself or your program is the worst feeling in the world, so set 4 weeks to stick with something, and go ALL IN.

When the time comes, mix it up.

Tried something for longer than 4 weeks and still no changes? Don’t be afraid to try something new. What worked for your friend might not be working for you, and that’s okay! Your genes, your metabolism, your body is completely unique. Respect that, and try something new when the time comes.

Play more.

Inside the gym is amazing, but outside the gym is even better. Being in nature, going on a hike, and just connecting with our world more is all so important for avoiding burnout, feeding your soul, and just plain being happier. No matter your program, your level of intensity, or your schedule, never forget the importance of play.


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Emily Schromm

Emily is a CrossFit Coach, athlete, personal trainer, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who is working to change the way the world thinks about food and movement.