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Using Paleo to Reduce Disease Risk

  • Paleo f(x)™ Event: 2017
  • Category: Health
  • Speakers: Dr. Sarah Ballantyne
The Paleo template is far from a one-size-fits-all approach to health. Instead, it provides an educational foundation for understanding how foods impact all aspects of health from which each of us can experiment, refine, and optimize with the goal of making the best choices as often as possible for lifelong health. However, the ability to individualize our approach, especially coupled with out-of-date or incorrect information, can cause us to veer down an unproductive path, ultimately undermining our ability to reach our health goals. Fortunately, there is a wealth of scientific studies linking various foods and lifestyle factors to disease risk and prevention. And, we can draw on this information to refine the Paleo template to provide specific guidance that can help each of us customize implementation to successfully meet specific health goals. In this talk, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne will cover important considerations for mitigating cancer risk, CVD risk, diabetes risk, autoimmune disease risk, and obesity.