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Too Much Junk in the Trunk: The Growing Role of Environmental Toxins in Human Disease

Each year the toxic burden in our environment – and thus our bodies – grows higher than ever before. Companies manufacture 6.5 trillion pounds of 9,000 different chemicals each year (enough to fill an ocean supertanker), and release over 7 billion pounds of 650+ different pollutants into the atmosphere and water. Scientists have identified more than 200 industrial chemicals in our blood and breastmilk—substances which have been convincingly linked to cancer, genital deformities, lower sperm count, obesity, and diminished I.Q.. Recent research has shown that even low levels of these chemicals contribute to chronic, inflammatory disease, and that individual ability to biotransform and excrete these toxins varies widely and is a primary determinant of overall health. In this presentation I will review the growing role of environmental toxins in human disease, and offer practical strategies for protecting yourself and your family.