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Head Strong: Mitochondria, Willpower, and Food

We’ve always looked at emotions and thoughts being separate from your body. New research shows everything starts/ends with the power plants of your cells. They are the things that give you cravings, give you strength/willpower, or if you’re going to come up empty. We now know how to change your cells so they are can make more energy, and by doing that you make everything in your life easier.

Have the power to be limitless. 

All this time, we thought we were in charge of our bodies. It turns out these little bacteria that we harnessed to become the power plants in our bodies are still calling the shots, deciding how fat we are, whether our brains have enough energy or not, and even when we’ll die. But it’s not hopeless – now we can upgrade this part of our bodies, so that we create a wave of energy that resonates in our brains and throughout or bodies, leading to levels of energy and focus that make everything easy! You now have the knowledge and power to take control of the very cells of your body so they make more of the energy you use to power your day…and your brain. By upgrading your body so it makes energy more efficiently, your brain wins right away, and so do you…