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How to Stand Up Straight in a World That Sits

by Chad Walding
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Stand up straight! Sitting contributes to many of the chronic pain and degenerative conditions we experience in our modern age. This is not a problem that’s getting better, it’s only getting worse.

Attempts to solve chronic musculoskeletal pain have largely failed, and we need more awareness around this topic as it’s foundational to optimizing health, performance and longevity. Chad Walding explains how to become more informed about basic human anatomy, key principles in human movement, and offers solutions to maintain and optimize the human frame.

For more great solutions, check out The Sitting Solution, also by Chad Walding.

Filmed live at Paleo f(x)™ Austin.

Looking for more solutions? Pick up a copy of Chad’s book, The Sitting Solution!  It can help you stay upright in a world that chronically sits.

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