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The Spirit of Movement

by James Fitzgerald
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When one asks another person about why they move and exercise, the first answer you get is usually created to please the person asking the question. (Humans are resilient little things and behave accordingly to ensure they can create peace, survive, fit in, and furthermore duplicate.)

In many cases, as well, the actual level of awareness is just not there aboutwhy. The goal of a coach/client relationship and its continuum is to first initiate this conversation about “why”, and then turn it into into a conversation about “experience”, then “function”, over time.

When we ask this question—“why do you move and exercise? what is the goal?”—there is SO MUCH in the answer and what surrounds it. There is an opportunity to get insight into what movement and exercise mean to each person, how they react to it, how they are intertwined in the answer, etc.

Movement and exercise are spiritual. Rituals performed to create longevity and purpose on the body cannot be seen as anything other than.

If we can create a SPACE for individuals to have a conversation around movement and exercise as being spiritual, we can better appreciate the intricacies associated with exercise and movement in general. Individuals are overwhelmed with options and it is the responsibility of the community of movement leaders to create simple paths to change.

Enlightenment occurs at the intersection of comfort and discomfort – the aha moment. This MOMENT will not occur if:

1. The coach is not creating an open space due to their own vision of how and why things should progress.

2. The client is not present in the moment around exercise and movement.

Therefore, building on that, we as coaches and leaders in exercise need to find spaces for people to become more aware. Be patient, allow it to happen. When it does, there is magic, there is connection—then there is lifelong devotion to just “doing it”.

It’s spiritual.


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James Fitzgerald - Paleo f(x)™ 2020 Speaker

James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald is the owner and director of training at OPEX of Scottsdale, Arizona.