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Tim Gray

Tim is a dedicated health optimising Biohacker, a psychology specialist, entrepreneur, and global speaker. He advises many well-known influencers, doctors & specialists in the health and wellness space all over the world, is featured on over 30 podcasts a year, and is frequently in the mainstream media regarding practical, trackable, and immediately apply-able health hacks. He has been optimising his health, energy and mind for more almost a decade, using a wide array of cutting edge modalities and Biohacks. He is known as the “UK’s leading biohacker” attributed to his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day, and his dedication and passion to his mission to serve others in their health optimisation journey. A successful businessman, he founded and invested in multiple 6-figure businesses, including several digital marketing agencies, and London’s first private ​Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic​. Tim is also the founder of the ​Biohacker London Meetup​ group, a growing global movement which laid the foundation in the UK for his latest successful venture. He is now most famed for the hugely successful First Annual ​Health Optimisation Summit​, held in London in September 2019. The first summit enjoyed 1200 attendees, 40 world-class speakers, 50 health optimisation exhibitors and attracted investment from both of the US health space titans - ‘Bulletproof’ Upgrade Labs, and PaleoF(x) and is already gaining momentum for the second in 2020. Tim is particularly interested on how to optimise the brain and body, especially for mental clarity, stamina and health by “using technology to mimic a natural environment in an unnatural world” and by taking biohacking back to basics, making it more accessible to everyone.

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