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Melina Vicario

Melina is a top expert in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), combining  powerful mind technology with biohacking, practical neuroscience and spirituality.

She is the creator of the "All you need is Lobe" Method, which teaches people how to think on purpose and run their own brain helping individuals become the architect of their own mental world. Melina began her biohacking education in Neuroscience from Stanford University and  is a Licensed Trainer of NLP, certified by NLP creative genius Richard Bandler.  She is also a member of his distinguished group of individuals who have been certified to train and educate others in NLP as part of Bandler’s staff. Originally from Argentina, Melina is considered “The voice of Biohacking in Latin America” appearing on national news programs dedicated to educating the public in cutting-edge science, enhancing health through technology. When not appearing on national news programs and documentaries as an expert in her field, Melina can be found traveling the world training and educating the biohackers of tomorrow.

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