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Martin Tobias

Martin Tobias is the CEO of Upgrade Labs. He is a renowned serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a recognized leader in technology and early-stage investing and has been an early investor in over four dozen startups in such fast-growing markets as digital media, clean tech, and consumer internet. He now focuses on the emerging intersection of health care, technology, fitness, and the transformation economy. Upgrade Labs is the world’s first Biohacking Health and Fitness facility and currently operates two locations in Los Angeles. With more than 15 different technologies dedicated to improving mental and physical performance and recovery, it is the first facility to offer state-of-the-art biohacking equipment to the public. Upgrade Labs’ data-driven technology uses measurable and trackable results that can help elevate one’s overall health by lowering levels of inflammation, improving cognitive function, accelerating muscle growth, and optimizing hormone levels, to name a few. Upgrade Labs combines real data, insights, and leading-edge technology with trained experts to help all humans create radical improvements in physical and cognitive performance. Martin received his bachelor’s degree in marketing and computer science from Oregon State University. He also holds two technology patents. Martin and his companies have been profiled in numerous media outlets including Newsweek, Businessweek, BBC, Entrepreneur, LA Times, CNBC, Fast Company, Business Insider, The Doctors, NPR, Wired, and more. He also starred in the 1998 motorcycle documentary “Biker Dreams”. Martin is involved in a number of charities through the Martin Tobias Family Foundation and blogs at

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