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Kole Whitty

Kole Whitty hosts of Mentor In The Mirror Podcast with her partner Tah and is playfully obsessed with human evolution and the necessity of integrating WITH the human body's natural processes for expansion.

After a drug overdose in 2000, Kole began to work alongside the US government, the UN and national talk shows as a spoke person teaching about the dangers of club drugs. Had her health not crashed she would never have explored the power of psychedelics and plant medicines for healing and health optimization.

Whether through their immersive masterminds in Peru, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga or weekend intensives, Kole's personal and professional experience tin power plants and wellness is a rarity and her experience shows.

Kole and her husband Tah are known for saying
"Bio Hacking Is Cool, Bio Integration Is Key".

Her support to optimization obsessed entrepreneurs for more ease, freedom and flow has been repeatedly quoted as "instrumental" in the the wave of human evolution.

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