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Dr. Theodore Achacoso

Dr. Ted Achacoso never takes himself seriously but takes his work seriously. A college graduate in biology at age 18 and an MD at age 22, he is the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe). Dr. Ted is extremely lucky with mentors: Thierry Hertoghe, founding pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine (Dr. Ted is double board-certified, Paris), William S. Yamamoto, founding pioneer of Medical Informatics and an Artificial Intelligence researcher (Washington, DC), D. Wayne Silby, founding pioneer of Socially Responsible Investing and Finance (Washington, DC), and three Philippine pioneers in Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology, and Pharmacology/Toxicology. His representative body of work includes a book containing the first ever connectome for an organism, journal articles, US patents, software, grants, recorded interviews, webcasts, podcasts, and speaking engagements in the areas of: (1) artificial ethology, computational neuroethology, computability of consciousness, (2) medical informatics, connectionist systems, expert systems, (3) computer-assisted imaging and telehealth, (4) virtual group dynamics (He created the first wireless groupware), (5) distributed emergent computing, (6) predictive complex adaptive systems modeling, (7) health optimization medicine including metabolomics, epigenetics, bioenergetics, gut microbiota, exposomics, chronobiology, and evolutionary medicine. Based in Washington, DC, he maintains a tricontinental HOMe practice (NorthAmerica-Europe-Asia), performs HOMe/HOPe lecturing-mentoring to doctors/practitioners, provides international consulting services involving nutritional supplement formulation and establishment of metabolomics, mitochondria, and microbiota laboratories. He strongly suspects this world is an illusion projected as a hologram by the human biocrystal, and pushes to create deliberately sustainable, happy dreams instead of nightmares.

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