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Dr. Glenn Wilcox

Dr. Glenn Wilcox, D.O.M Dr. Glenn Wilcox was called to a career in energy medicine in 1973. He's a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of parasites and other types of difficult to diagnose and treat infections. Dr. Wilcox has been a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico since 1982 where he is Board Certified in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Injection Therapy and Intravenous Therapy. Over the decades Dr. Wilcox has evolved a broad, holistic, integrative, functional medicine system that he calls Wise Medicine®. Wise Medicine® is an all-inclusive, strategic approach to health problems, regenerative medicine and performance enhancement including sacred sexuality. With a constant focus on improving vitality, Wise Medicine begins at the root, moving methodically to the branches and leaves. That root is almost always problems with the digestive system. Dr. Wilcox had a mind-expanding, personal encounter with a very large worm in 1980 that inspired him to specialize in the treatment parasites. Since 1988 he has worked closely with Hammed Ibraheem, M.D., Ph.D, a world-class parasite expert who is also exceptionally skilled at finding other “bugs” in various types of human specimens - stool, blood, urine, sputum and more. Dr. Ibraheem is the founder of EKO University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Lagos, Nigeria. Weekly, Dr. Wilcox ships a refrigerated box of specimens to Dr. Ibraheem who performs microscopic analysis for parasites, bacteria, yeast and other fungi. This level of diagnostic expertise and rigor is not available in America.

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