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Diane Kazer

A former pro soccer player and bikini competitor, Diane’s intense training kept her slim and toned – but flat-chested. Following breast implant surgery, she began to feel her body slowly change and spent years fighting mystery ailments like auto immune disease, chronic fatigue and gut infections. When she realized that the foreign material inside of her was toxic, and slowly killing her, she had them removed. Through years of research, she discovered explant surgery was only part of her journey, and if she wanted to heal completely, she needed to incorporate an entire ecosystem of wellness remedies around her that not only addressed the physical implications of both pre- and post-surgery, but also the mental and emotional implications – such as the deeply ingrained 'need to be perfect’ which leads many women to harmful cosmetic surgeries. Knowing there were hundreds of thousands just like her, women suffering in silence as they battled Breast Implant Illness (BII), she joined forces with a fellow practitioner and explant warrior, Sarah Phillipe, FDN-P, RN. Together, they empower women to heal themselves with their comprehensive approach to address root cause issues specific to breast implants, from toxicity and infections to trauma and shame. Their work has helped women form a compassionate relationship to their body, reconnect with their divine purpose, trust their intuition, find their voice and love themselves as they are, free from the plastic prison they’ve been trapped in, so they may rise to experience their ‘breast life’ full of courage, vitality and joy!

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