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Cristian Plasencia

The Durable Athlete is a brand that is dedicated to provide education, awareness, and coaching around how simple changes to your daily routine can help you feel better, perform better, and live longer. Over the past 5 years, they have had the ability to work with and share their passion with groups like the Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, Lululemon and the Taylor Swift "Reputation" while simultaneously working at Onnit HQ gym here in Austin, TX. Regardless if it has been with high level executives, professional athletes, or soccer moms, Cristian G. Plascencia & Natalie Higby have based their training principles around optimizing breath, nutrition, sleep, & movement. At PaleoFX, Cristian & Natalie will be presenting a mobility and ground based movement class that is a representation of foundational join-by-joint movement patterns that should be accessible to any and all physical levels. The class will be finished with a decompression breathing session, helping people experience the power of our breath.

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