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Why You Don’t Need To Die When You’re Seventy (12 Basic & Advanced Tactics To Enhance Longevity)

Health / Wellness Red Therapy Co. Keynote Stage
April 28, 2019 13:15 - 14:10

What is this talk about?

Immortality, age reversal and extreme lifespan exists in the animal kingdom – yet us humans have been told we’re “programmed” to die at near seventy years old. In this presentation, you will discover how to defy the aging odds, and exactly how to live a long and healthy life – with one foot planted in the realm of ancestral living and the other foot planted in the realm of modern science and biohacking. Granted, there are entire books and websites that could fill thousands of pages of anti-aging advice, but this presentation will cut through the clutter and confusion and instead equip you with the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to naturally basic and scientifically advanced tactics to enhance longevity: techniques author and speaker Ben Greenfield has personally tried, tactics that are steeped in research, and strategies that have thousands of years of practice behind them. Think of this presentation as a cookbook for longevity that gives you all the natural wisdom you need to live a long and happy life, while also exposing you to the more advanced practices that have emerged in the past several years.