April 26, 2019 11:05 am - 12:00 pm

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

What is this talk about?

The gut microbiome performs diverse functions essential to our health, and when we don’t have a healthy diversity of the right kinds of microorganisms in our gut, our entire body suffers. An unfavorable gut microbiome has been linked to conditions as wide-ranging as cancer, obesity and other metabolic problems, heart disease, anxiety, depression, autism, autoimmunity, ulcers, IBD, liver disease, systemic infections, and more. Without a doubt, supporting our gut microbes is one of the most fundamental aspects of good health; however, doing so is much more nuanced that simply upping fiber intake. In fact, there are many surprising gut microbiome superfoods that just don’t get enough play in the Paleo community but which should be elevated in status. This talk will review the current state of knowledge (much of which has not been broadly recognized until now!) of the impact of diet and lifestyle factors on the gut microbiome with a focus on best practices to maximize microbial diversity and support the growth of key probiotic organisms.