April 28, 2019 10:00 am - 10:25 am

Kristin Comella, PhD

What is this talk about?

Stem cells exist in every tissue in the body. Tapping into your regenerative potential and healing using your own stem cells will obsolete many current techniques of surgery and pharmaceuticals. Regenerative processes can be enhanced in a variety of ways in the body ranging from simple diet/fasting techniques to biohacking therapies to out-patient surgical procedures. These cells can be easily isolated from fat tissue for point of care use or stored in liquid nitrogen freezers for future treatments. Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach to treating many degenerative conditions. Regenerative therapies are being explored as a treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases and injuries. Learn about the advantages of restoring normal tissue function by changing the course of aging and degenerative diseases. The future of medicine is here – the power to heal is inside you!