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Perfect Paleo Margarita

by Serenity Heegel
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For years, Robb Wolf’s NorCal margarita recipe has been the go-to cocktail for those who want an alcoholic drink that minimizes damage to blood sugar. This tasty tipple is gluten free, lime juice dampens the insulin response, and bubbles from soda water speed up alcohol delivery to the bloodstream. But! It lacks one critical flavor of the classic margarita: the orange. Sure, you could add a teensy bit of sugar-laden triple sec or a squeeze of orange juice, but how does one make a drink taste orangey without adding any sugar at all?

Wait for it… What about essential oil? Eureka! Fancy-schmancy mixologists might carefully harvest an orange from this year’s Nobel prize-winning tree, lovingly wash it with tears of angels, shave the choicest peel, and expertly twist. But laymen can use food-grade wild orange essential oil, which is also known for its ability to instill feelings of peace. Happiness points bonus!

Orange essential oil flows quickly, so pour slowly. If you accidentally pour 2 drops, either scoop one out or drink an extra-orangey version.

Shake / mix / dump however you’d like and enjoy with or without a salted rim and ice.

Perfect Paleo Margarita


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Serenity Heegel

Serenity is a passionate foodie and Founder of Joy of Paleo. In 2010, Serenity found Paleo as a solution to her own health issues and has never felt better. Her Full Body Reset helps clients end their love / hate relationships with their bodies, heal themselves with food, and lose the weight they want. Serenity’s recipes please […]