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The History of Paleo f(x)™ in Austin: Keith Norris on the Healthpreneur Podcast

by Allison Wojtowecz
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What if Paleo f(x)™ didn’t get off the ground?

Since 2011, thousands of people have united in Austin, Texas each year to spend time with their “tribe” at Paleo f(x)™.

We’ve loved (and learned) from every minute of it.

From showcasing talented paleo bloggers [with delicious pancake recipes], to providing you with education and resources  to enhance your health, hosting New York Times’ bestselling authors like Robb Wolf, and creating an epic experience (in the greatest city on earth), we here at Paleo f(x)™ are dedicated to being the ultimate paleo experience and guide (in a noisy diet and health world).

However, it sure hasn’t been an easy road.

Have you ever wondered how Paleo f(x)™ got its start to success?

On this Healthpreneur Podcast, Keith Norris takes us behind the scenes to see how this passion project almost imploded.

The History of Paleo f(x)™

Like all companies, Paleo f(x)™ made its mistakes in the beginning.

Keith Norris and his wife, Michelle Norris, had no idea the epic movement they were building, nor did they realize everything that goes into an event!

For example, in 2011 (the first year of the conference), we actually scheduled Paleo f(x)™ right in the middle of another big event happening in Austin: South By Southwest (SXSW), a HUGE tech, film and music festival that takes over the city for three weeks every spring.

Since SXSW draws so many people to Austin, the theory was that the out-of-towners could hit two birds with one stone. However, there were a few snafus that came along with that.

We’ll let Keith elaborate on the podcast…



Podcast Transcript Highlight

Yuri: So over the past seven years of Paleo FX, what lesson did you have to learn the hard way? And how can you help others avoid that mistake?

Keith: Whoa. There were sooo many. Let me tell you this—we have a saying here in Texas about getting drug behind a truck.. And we were drug behind a truck many, many times.

Well, I’ll tell you about a funny story that, which was a lesson learned. So the first year that we had Paleo FX, it was in 2012 and we thought it would be a fantastic idea to hold the event in conjunction with South by Southwest.

And I don’t know, many of your listeners may or may not be aware of South by Southwest, but it is the biggest music, technology, movie festival I would imagine in the U.S. It is a massive event. And it will shut down Austin for three weeks.

People who live here in Austin—those who can will actually just Airbnb their houses and just leave.


Yuri: Smart, might as well—right? High demand?

Keith: Yeah! Oh, super high demand. That is to say that this city is just throbbing for that two and a half, three weeks.

So we thought that would be a great idea because “Hey, we’re going to have this massive influx of people into Austin. Why not have the event right during South by Southwest?”

And we were not sanctioned by South by Southwest in any way. And not that they shunned us, it was just too late to be sanctioned as a South by Southwest event. So we were like “Okay, well we’ll go ahead and do it anyway.”

Let me tell you, that was the worst mistake…


More about Paleo f(x)™ on the full episode

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Allison Wojtowecz

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