Health Entrepreneur f(x)

Health Entrepreneur f(x) is a one day business mastermind event for health entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity, unlike any other, to learn and connect in an intimate and inspiring setting.

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2017 Speakers

2017 Featured Guests

Benefits and Reasons

  • Short Talks

    Short Talks

    All speakers will give a short morning talks, exclusive to this event. Talks will cover marketing, business strategy, personal development, and more.

  • Small Group Discussions

    Small Group Discussions

    Work 1-1 with our speakers in a small group setting in the afternoon. Each participant will take part in two small group discussions.

  • Keynote

    A private Facebook group

    Spark an ongoing dialogue, before and after the event, with your fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Mastermind Panels

    Catered lunch and dinner

    Shared meals allow even more opportunities for networking and informal discussion.

  • Workshops

    Note Takers

    Note takers will be present at all small, speaker-led groups in the afternoon. All attendees receive a compendium of notes from all sessions. So don’t sweat missing anything. We’ve got you covered.

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Submit your application for Health Entrepreneur f(x) here. All applications will be reviewed by the Paleo f(x) team.