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Turn Passion into Business: Mike Bledsoe, Health Entrepreneur f(x) 2018 Speaker

by Lauryn Lax
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Presenting Mike Bledsoe at Health Entrepreneur F(x) 2018…

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What does it take to earn the #1 podcast spot in iTunes in fitness and nutrition? Barbell Shrugged” co-host and CEO, Michael Bledsoe knows. With more than one-million downloads each month, he wants to share his secrets with you and others attending Health Entrepreneurs f(x) 2018.

Happening in Austin on February 2nd and 3rd, Health Entrepreneurs f(x) 2018 promises to be one of the most impactful events that entrepreneurs in the wellness industry can attend this year—featuring successful industry leaders, like Bledsoe, who have walked the walk and now talk the talk.

Mike Bledsoe will talk about how he built his successful “barbell business,” also known as “Barbell Shrugged,” and provide the opportunity for casual conversation, discussion,  and questions for all in attendance.

Attendees will walk away with practical, actionable steps they can take to scale up their business in 2018.

Mike Bledsoe Barbell Shrugged

Meet Mike Bledsoe

You can take the boy out of entrepreneurship, but you can’t take the natural-born calling (to be an entrepreneur) out of the boy.

A decade ago, Mike Bledsoe, a renowned strength and conditioning coach in the CrossFit and weightlifting world, was a poor college student, living out of his gym.

He tried to follow the “rules” in the book about what he “should do” next in life—earn a college degree, go on to grad school and get a regular j-o-b, but try as he might, Mike found he couldn’t escape his true purpose—leading a movement. Mike was meant to lead a movement and grow a business, specifically aimed at empowering weightlifters, CrossFitters, coaches and, now other entrepreneurs, alike to lift it, live it and learn it.

An Idea is Born…

Mike initially discovered the world of Olympic weightlifting himself at age 24 while attending undergrad at the University of Memphis. Having recently ended his service time with the navy, Mike was unsure of what his future had in store, but he knew he wanted to do something he enjoyed. After his first semester, he changed his major from business to Health & Human Performance.

It was then, Mike’s professor Dr. Brian Schilling introduced him to the snatch and clean and jerk, and he never looked back.

During this time, the concept of “Barbell Shrugged”—one of the top fitness podcasts in the world with more than one-million downloads each month, and his online training and education portal for all things “barbell”—were born.

Man on a Mission

Come his senior year of college, Mike and a good friend opened the doors to Faction Strength and Conditioning/CrossFit Memphis, and Mike began to experiment with the world of online business.

Around this same time, he officially launched the Barbell Shrugged podcast, and it took off quickly hitting the top #1 spot on iTunes within a matter of months. 

Shortly after, business evolved, and Mike began growing an online team of fitness coaches, wellness experts and structured programs to empower weightlifters and CrossFitters worldwide in their own personal health and fitness endeavors.

From his 6-Month Muscle Gain Challenge, to his Flight online coaching program,  and multiple websites (, and, Mike’s mission continues to be the same—helping others (lifters, coaches, gym owners and entrepreneurs) lift it, learn it and live it, be it fitness or business.

In fact, Mike’s latest venture has been as the co-founder and co-host of the podcast and business “Barbell Business”, helping gym owners achieve their business and personal goals through educational courses and “done for you” business solutions.

Come Meet Mike

If you are interested in learning how to grow a movement, build a following, unite community and leverage your passion, then look no further than Mike Bledsoe at Health Entrepreneurs F(x) 2018.

Get your tickets now for the event during first weekend of February in Austin.



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