Paleo is NOT a Punishment!

Are You Developing a Quality-of-Life-Threatening Disease?

May 28th, 2014 Kaila Prins 0 Gut Health, Health, Lifestyle, Mindset, Paleo Kids and Babies, Women

Paleo is supposed to be life-changing, not quality-of-life-threatening.I want you to repeat after me: “Paleo is not a punishment.” One more time! “Paleo is NOT a punishment!” That’s better. The more I hang out in the “Paleo-sphere,” the more I hear nitpicking over macros and micronutrients, squabbles over HiiT vs. ultra marathoning, discussions about health miracles […]

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Calorie Counting

Is Calorie Counting an Eating Disorder?

May 1st, 2014 Jonathan Bailor 0 Health, Mindset, Nutrition, Women

Jessica awakes to the gentle vibration of her wristband fitness monitor.  She looks at the time—5:30 AM—as she throws her gym bag into the car, listening to her favorite calorie-and-step-counting podcast on the way.   At the gym, she hits the treadmill for an hour while watching the morning talk shows. On the way to the […]

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