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How to Make Keto Work for Women As a woman, navigating through the vast world of different diets and ways of eating can be daunting. Media has made it even more difficult with headlines such as “Lose 20 lbs in one week with this special fat burning food!” and “Go vegan to lose those pesky […]

woman sleeping

Sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley has 5 tips to help you sleep like a rock, no matter how stressful your life may be.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet rules are simple: Eat This: Grass-fed meats. Seafood and fish. Eggs. Nuts and seeds. Lots of veggies. Healthy oils and animal fats. Some fruit. Little starch. No sugar. Lots of water. Not That: Grains (cereals, breads, pastas). Dairy. Legumes (beans and peanuts). Potatoes. Refined sugar. Processed foods. Vegetable & hydrogenated oils. Candy […]

Hormone Imbalances and Menopause

Menopause is an inevitable part of every woman’s life. Here are 4 things midlife women need to know to keep their hormones in balance.

The Four Paleo Horsemen

Food intolerance tests are often used to diagnose underlying food intolerances, like gluten, dairy or soy. But when it comes to other foods, like Paleo foods, these foods are always healthy…right? Not quite. Sometimes even healthy foods can cause digestive distress and food intolerances. Here are 4 common healthy, Paleo foods that may show up […]

Kid Jumping in the Air

What would you do, what COULD you do, if you had no limits? If you knew you could not fail? Michelle Norris explores human potential.

hypothyroidism symptoms pain

Hypothyroidism symptoms are vast… From weight gain to digestive problems, fatigue and infertility, it can be easy to experience any one of these and immediately think they are symptoms of hypothyroidism and you have a  dysfunction of your thyroid gland. A quick Google search on thyroid health may even confirm your self hypothyroidism symptoms diagnosis. […]

Woman Sleeping with Progesterone

Did you know sleep disorders are twice as prevalent in women? Learn how the hormone progesterone could be the solution to a good night’s sleep.

paleo diet

What is the Paleo diet? Ask one hundred different 21st century cavemen (and women) “What is the Paleo Diet?”, and you might get one hundred different answers. However, the definition is pretty simple: The Paleo, or “Paleolithic,” diet is the original human diet.  It embodies a commitment to eating the same foods that your Stone […]

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21 Best Healthy Fats to Boost Metabolism (and 5 to Avoid) Fat does a body good. Contrary to old-school popular belief that “fat makes you fat,” eating healthy fats actually does the opposite—helps you boost your metabolism, lose fat and tons of other amazing benefits. However, if you have a hard time understanding why are […]

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel is great for your soul, but not always for your body. These 3 rules will make it a breeze to stay healthy while traveling.

Women Who Lift

Emily Schromm talks women who lift, and how we can nourish their bodies and souls.