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woman sleeping

Sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley has 5 tips to help you sleep like a rock, no matter how stressful your life may be.

Woman Sleeping with Progesterone

Did you know sleep disorders are twice as prevalent in women? Learn how the hormone progesterone could be the solution to a good night’s sleep.

Jeah Kessha

Ever slept on a hard surface? Think barefoot walking- but for your bedroom. In 2008, I blogged Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface and thought it was a personal obsession no one would follow. Three years later, the article went viral in the paleosphere and became groundbreaking research on sleep ergonomics with an ancestral point-of-view. Hard-surface-sleeping improves […]

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping: it’s important. Sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley explores how chronic sleep deprivation has lead to horrible health in Western cultures.

Sleep Like a Lion

Insomnia affects approximately 1 in 3 Americans, leaving many wondering: How can I cure insomnia?! While conventional medicine turns to prescription sleep medications as the miracle “insomnia cure,” there’s another (natural) cure for insomnia many people don’t talk about. We call it the “Paleo way of life.” The result? You’ll sleep like a lion. The #1 […]