• April 29-May 1, 2022!
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Pregnant Woman

Nearly everything you were taught about prenatal nutrition is wrong. Lily Nichols explains why pregnant women can eat fish, fat, liver, and more.

Paleo Baby Food

Kids are getting sick from consuming too much sugar. Learn how the world’s first Paleo baby food aims to solve that problem.

Urban Homestead

What is an urban homestead, and why should you start one? Jessica Beacom explains why you should start growing your own food…and it goes beyond nutrition!

Gut Health

Dr. Terry Wahls gives an introduction to the bacteria that live in your body, and includes 4 foods you can eat today to give you a healthy microbiome.


We all have an ideal individual diet that allows us to flourish. Some parts of the plan are simple; eat real food, avoid processed grains and sugar, get plenty of vegetables. Smaller, more specific details, on the other hand, can be challenging. In this talk, Dr. Ruthie Harper explores the how and why of genetic testing, […]

Colorful Veggies

Growing your own backyard groceries is the next step toward a sustainable food future. In this talk, Marjory Wildcraft describes how anyone can transform their own backyard into an organic food producing paradise. Topics include growing meats, eggs, and nutritious organs, discovering the most productive gardening method, and avoiding the biggest mistake beginners make. She’ll […]

Magnifying Glass

What happens when Paleo isn’t enough? What happens when avoiding dietary toxins, getting a good night’s sleep and ditching the chronic cardio doesn’t work?

Roast Chicken

Humans have always attempted to make foods tasty, and we historically have only been limited by the ingredients we had on hand. Despite these culinary constraints, we developed hundreds, if not thousands of delicious and timeless dishes over hundreds of years of refinement. Modern science has helped determine the most nutritious foods available today – […]

Moch Pork

When you make the commitment to eating healthier, the most immediate realization is that you’ll be spending more time cooking for yourself and your family. If you’re a kitchen-master, it probably won’t phase you, but what if the idea of planning and executing a week’s worth of meals makes you break out into a cold […]

Real World Paleo

Real world Paleo! Ashley Fleming gives useful tips and tricks for planning, preparing and nutrition in today’s fast-paced world. Filmed live at Paleo f(x)™ Austin. To access a stunning array of filmed sessions at Paleo f(x)™, check out Paleo f(x) TV. Traffic picture licensed under the Creative Commons.  


Help your family, connect with nature, and get some sunshine. Marjory Wildcraft makes the case for growing your own groceries.

Paleo is NOT a Punishment!

Paleo is supposed to be life-changing, not quality-of-life-threatening.I want you to repeat after me: “Paleo is not a punishment.” One more time! “Paleo is NOT a punishment!” That’s better. The more I hang out in the “Paleo-sphere,” the more I hear nitpicking over macros and micronutrients, squabbles over HiiT vs. ultra marathoning, discussions about health miracles […]