Intermittent Feasting is Totally Paleo: How to Eat Like Our Ancestors

March 13th, 2014 Russ Crandall 0 Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Is intermittent feasting Paleo? In today’s society, the trend to “eat less, move more” is everywhere… especially when you’re treating the way you’re eating as another “diet to follow.” The cycle of binging and restriction has recently come to light as a major downfall of this pattern for modern humans.  We’re always trying to “slim down”…

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Perfect Paleo Asparagus

March 4th, 2014 Serenity Heegel 0 Nutrition, Recipes

Apartment cooking has its challenges, namely- NO GRILLING. But that lovely bit of browning down crisp-tender asparagus stalks calls to some like siren song. Dozens of attempts at broiling with olive oil resulted in defeat signaled by the smoke alarm. That is, until we learned that ghee has a higher smoke point. Now, the asparagus…

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Perfect Paleo Cauliflower

February 8th, 2014 Serenity Heegel 0 Nutrition, Recipes

Truly the gateway cauliflower, this roasted version may become your all-time favorite! The key to the recipe is the right shape, oil coverage, and roasting level. This veggie is dense and must be cooked a long time to achieve the deep caramelization that converts cauliflower haters into lovers. Even people who enjoy it raw or steamed may turn…

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