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Red Meat

Evolution is an ongoing process, and humans are still evolving after millions of years. Chris Kresser explains what that means for the Paleo diet.

Perfect Paleo Sweet Potatoes

Looking for the perfect Paleo dessert? Serenity Heegel shares her recipe for creamy, dreamy sweet potatoes, that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Red Meat

Mainstream nutrition critics have slammed the Paleo diet. Chris Kresser explains why a Paleo plan is both nutrient-dense and nutritionally complete.

Red Meat

In part one of this six-part series, Chris Kresser explores the Paleo diet, and provides four compelling arguments as to why it’s the optimal human diet.


The key to healing a sugar addiction is not cutting out cravings, it’s fostering development. Learn how to heal the roots of your sugar addiction.

Insect Protein

Eating insect protein makes a lot of sense. Insects are a uniquely sustainable source of protein. Exo founder Gabi Lewis explains why.


Paleo is more than just a diet… While the popularized Paleo diet over the past decade has been primarily focused on eating real foods humans thrived upon before agriculture, the Paleo “diet” is really all about the Paleo lifestyle. (In fact: the latin meaning of “diet” is “a way of life”). Paleo is not just […]

Autoimmune Plate

Modifying a Paleo diet for autoimmune conditions isn’t just about cutting out inflammatory foods. Dr. Sarah Ballantyne talks maximizing nutrition.


Despite the fact that every lasting healthy diet focuses on food quality, the mainstream insists calorie counting is the key. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Pitfalls of Paleo

Paleo isn’t always perfect. Dr. Amy Myers explores some of the pitfalls of a Paleo diet, including ignoring the gut, and the 80/20 rule.

good health

Dr. Lane Sebring explains how the Paleo lifestyle is a framework for robust health and vitality, and the ONLY template for good health.

Perfect mushrooms

Mushrooms sautéed in butter and wine. So sophisticated, so decadent, so chic! Though impressive, this dish is super-simple.