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Grass-Fed Cows

Chris Kerston discusses moving towards a world where meat is grass-fed, raised in a way that heals lands, with the best welfare, on profitable family farms.

Moch Pork

When you make the commitment to eating healthier, the most immediate realization is that you’ll be spending more time cooking for yourself and your family. If you’re a kitchen-master, it probably won’t phase you, but what if the idea of planning and executing a week’s worth of meals makes you break out into a cold […]

5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

You know it’s a good idea and you’ve been thinking about starting. Marjorie Wildcraft has some tips to teach you how to grow your own food.


Six meals a day? Nobody’s got time for that. Dr. Richard Maurer explains how limiting your meals to twice a day can help you cure diabetes and more.

paleo chowder

An easy way to get your veggies in is to combine a whole bunch at once, and this nutrient-dense chowder will help you do just that!


Crunch is something a lot of gluten-free baked goods lack…but not these biscuits. Tapioca flour totally brings the crunch!

Why Diets Fail

Menno Henselmans explains why the advice to “eat less, move more” is responsible for more failed diets than McDonald’s, and what to do for real results.

Sugar Addiction

Excess carb intake changes our behaviors. It’s dangerous, and it affects all too many of us. Dr. Nicole Avena discusses sugar addiction and healing.


Added sugar is all over the Standard American Diet. Dr. Nicole Avena discusses 5 surprising places added sugar might be lurking in your diet.

Red Meat

Red meat and saturated fat are bad for you…right? As we in the Paleo community know, that’s wrong. Chris Kresser elaborates.

Red Meat

Isn’t all that protein bad for you? Chris Kresser addresses critics of Paleo who claim that excess protein will damage the kidneys.

Red Meat

How long did hunter-gatherers live? In part three of this six-part video series, Chris Kresser explores the average lifespan of our ancestors.