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The Criminal Farmer: How to Save Small Farms and Reclaim the American Food System

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense fund director John Moody explains how the U.S. food landscape fell from grace, and small but impactful changes we can make to fix it.

Gut Health

Dr. Terry Wahls gives an introduction to the bacteria that live in your body, and includes 4 foods you can eat today to give you a healthy microbiome.


Jordan Reasoner explains the ins and outs of leaky gut syndrome, including ways to tell if it’s affecting you!

Ulcertive Colitis

Dr. Justin Marchegiani sees many patients who have gone Paleo and still haven’t felt a major improvement. In this talk, he discusses underlying chronic infections that can prevent people from gaining the full benefit of a Paleo diet. He includes what these stressors are and actions you can take to regain your health. Filmed live at Paleo […]


We all have an ideal individual diet that allows us to flourish. Some parts of the plan are simple; eat real food, avoid processed grains and sugar, get plenty of vegetables. Smaller, more specific details, on the other hand, can be challenging. In this talk, Dr. Ruthie Harper explores the how and why of genetic testing, […]


If you’re new to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle then this is for you. Dr. Shauna is a PhD and Naturopathic Doctor who has simplified the Paleo way of eating for thousands of her clients. In this talk she provides an easy description of what it’s all about and tips for success in your new lifestyle. Filmed […]


Vitamin D is an incredibly important nutrient in overall human health. In this talk, Dr. Lauren Vigna covers some of the basics: how it affects us, why we should, supplement, how to supplement, whether timing is a factor, and much more. Filmed live at Paleo f(x)™ Austin 2014. Sunset picture licensed under the Creative Commons.

The Gorilla Pit

You might have heard that dysfunction of your thyroid gland can cause all kinds of problems—weight gain, digestive problems, fatigue, infertility—you name it. It’s no surprise that doctors of natural medicine, like myself, are quick to consider thyroid problems for nearly everyone. But here lies quicksand. Doctors have incentive to find what is wrong with […]


Paleo is a great starting point for health. However, not all metabolisms are created equally. In this talk, Dr. Ludwig Johnson explores the four key components that make our metabolisms different, and details specific tweaks he makes to treat metabolic syndromes. Using Paleo as a starting point, Dr. Johnson has used this program to prevent and […]


Our country has been dealing with the obesity epidemic all wrong. Obesity itself is not necessarily the issue; it’s often a symptom. The roots of obesity are linked to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional imbalance. These issues are largely ignored, and as a result, many spend unncessary time struggling to lose weight and keep it off. A truly lasting change requires one […]

Colorful Veggies

Growing your own backyard groceries is the next step toward a sustainable food future. In this talk, Marjory Wildcraft describes how anyone can transform their own backyard into an organic food producing paradise. Topics include growing meats, eggs, and nutritious organs, discovering the most productive gardening method, and avoiding the biggest mistake beginners make. She’ll […]

Roast Chicken

Humans have always attempted to make foods tasty, and we historically have only been limited by the ingredients we had on hand. Despite these culinary constraints, we developed hundreds, if not thousands of delicious and timeless dishes over hundreds of years of refinement. Modern science has helped determine the most nutritious foods available today – […]