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Life as we know it has upended itself within a few weeks and with little warning. Stores and restaurants have closed, millions of people have shifted from offices to working from home, and schools have gone online.  And if you’ve found yourself feeling more anxious, stressed, or have trouble sleeping during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re […]

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet rules are simple: Eat This: Grass-fed meats. Seafood and fish. Eggs. Nuts and seeds. Lots of veggies. Healthy oils and animal fats. Some fruit. Little starch. No sugar. Lots of water. Not That: Grains (cereals, breads, pastas). Dairy. Legumes (beans and peanuts). Potatoes. Refined sugar. Processed foods. Vegetable & hydrogenated oils. Candy […]

Kid Jumping in the Air

What would you do, what COULD you do, if you had no limits? If you knew you could not fail? Michelle Norris explores human potential.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel is great for your soul, but not always for your body. These 3 rules will make it a breeze to stay healthy while traveling.

A Revolution in Healthcare

You are the leader of the healthcare revolution, whether you know it or not. We explore the philosophy behind a broken system, and how YOU can fix it.

Willpower vs Enthusiasm

Think you need willpower to create your best life? Think again. Kyle Brown explains how enthusiasm is the true key to lasting change.


Connection is a biological urge, but not easy in a shallow society. Learn how to start improving relationships by dropping “shiny object syndrome.”

Women Who Lift

Emily Schromm talks women who lift, and how we can nourish their bodies and souls.

Problem With Soy

Think lab-grown meat is the future? Think again. Learn the problem with soy-based foods, vertical farming, and why lab-grown isn’t truly sustainable.

Recovering From Trauma

All of us will experience trauma that interrupts our lifestyle. Recovering from trauma is possible, and we have three steps to make it happen.

Fail Fast Forward

“Fail fast forward” has become a common mantra for finding success. Here’s why it’s misguided, and the mindset that will actually help you progress.


New Year’s Resolutions have gotten a bad reputation for being ineffective. These 5 tips will help you make your New Year’s health goals a reality.