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How to Make Keto Work for Women As a woman, navigating through the vast world of different diets and ways of eating can be daunting. Media has made it even more difficult with headlines such as “Lose 20 lbs in one week with this special fat burning food!” and “Go vegan to lose those pesky […]


Maria Emmerich has your keto fix! Learn how to avoid three common side effects of ketosis including carb cravings and water retention.

keto diet plan

Essential Ketogenic Diet Quickstart: How to Get into Ketosis & What to Eat Intro So, you’re ready to try a ketogenic diet plan and become an energetic, fat-burning beast? You’re in the right place with this Essential Keto Diet Quickstart Guide! We’re going to lay out a super simple low-carb meal plan to help get […]

Matthew McConaughey eats Paleo

“Paleo” is often a debated diet in the health and nutrition world. Is paleo the way to eat, or not? Is it science based? Isn’t it just a trendy celebrity diet? Some call it a “fad,” or  a “cult.” Others a “weight loss diet” or “restrictive.” And still others, “the way humans have always eaten” […]

Become Fat Adapted

You’re convinced that a ketogenic diet is right for you. What now? Maria Emmerich continues her ketosis series by exploring ketones, fat, and adaptation.

Insulin, Sugar and Inflammation

Fight the effects of a high sugar diet. Maria Emmerich explains the relationship between insulin, inflammation, and chronic disease.

What is the Ketogenic Diet

Maria Emmerich, co-author of The Ketogenic Cookbook, offers insight into what the ketogenic diet is. Learn how keto helped her lose weight and thrive.

Bulletproof Coffee

Your health is an investment; you pay now, or you pay later. Here are 5 takeaways from Bulletproof Conference 2016 that make the investment easier.