hypothyroidism symptoms pain

Hypothyroidism: What Your Symptoms Could Really Mean

December 10th, 2018 Lauryn Lax 0 Health, Women

Hypothyroidism symptoms are vast… From weight gain to digestive problems, fatigue and infertility, it can be easy to experience any one of these and immediately think they are symptoms of hypothyroidism and you have a  dysfunction of your thyroid gland. A quick Google search on thyroid health may even confirm your self hypothyroidism symptoms diagnosis. […]

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The Essential Holiday Paleo Gift Ideas Guide: 140+ Ways to Give Health

March 2nd, 2018 Allison Wojtowecz 0 Health

Looking for some Paleo gift ideas? This epic resource is full of gifts that are perfect to let your friends and family know you truly care about their health and wellness this holiday… ’Tis the season for drinking (almond milk) eggnog, baking coconut flour gingerbread cookies and getting in some kick-butt, bodyweight style sweat sessions […]

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Health Austin Texas

10 Revolutionary Health Trends Happening in Austin, Texas

December 17th, 2017 Lauryn Lax 0 Event Info, Health

Austin is becoming the “Silicon Valley of Wellness.” Transforming the wellness industry with these 10 health trends … Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay area may be known as the frontrunner and global leader of the “technology boom” that’s transformed the world with  names like Apple, Facebook and Google. But when it comes to […]

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The Top 8 Paleo Diet Mistakes People Make | Paleo f(x)

November 1st, 2017 Lauryn Lax 0 Health, Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Women

The Paleo diet rules are simple: Eat This: Grass-fed meats. Seafood and fish. Eggs. Nuts and seeds. Lots of veggies. Healthy oils and animal fats. Some fruit. Little starch. No sugar. Lots of water. Not That: Grains (cereals, breads, pastas). Dairy. Legumes (beans and peanuts). Potatoes. Refined sugar. Processed foods. Vegetable & hydrogenated oils. Candy […]

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