• April 29-May 1, 2022!
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Stomach problems? It might be Leaky Gut. Learn 3 common causes of Leaky Gut syndrome, and how you can begin the process of healing.

constipation cures

Poo problems? Undo the damage the standard American diet has done to your gut flora with these easy solutions!

The Four Paleo Horsemen

Food intolerance tests are often used to diagnose underlying food intolerances, like gluten, dairy or soy. But when it comes to other foods, like Paleo foods, these foods are always healthy…right? Not quite. Sometimes even healthy foods can cause digestive distress and food intolerances. Here are 4 common healthy, Paleo foods that may show up […]

Lemon Water Cleanse

Move over, coffee; there’s a new morning drink in town. These three simple ingredients will fight inflammation and energize you, no caffeine required.


Hippocrates is quoted as saying, “all disease begins in the gut.” Dr. Michael Ruscio explains what that really means, and why you should test your gut.

Gut Health

Dr. Terry Wahls gives an introduction to the bacteria that live in your body, and includes 4 foods you can eat today to give you a healthy microbiome.


Jordan Reasoner explains the ins and outs of leaky gut syndrome, including ways to tell if it’s affecting you!


Anxiety is rampant in our fast-paced society, yet many of us don’t try to treat it. Learn how Paleo principles can help with relieving anxiety.

Magnifying Glass

What happens when Paleo isn’t enough? What happens when avoiding dietary toxins, getting a good night’s sleep and ditching the chronic cardio doesn’t work?

Sugar Addiction

Excess carb intake changes our behaviors. It’s dangerous, and it affects all too many of us. Dr. Nicole Avena discusses sugar addiction and healing.


Added sugar is all over the Standard American Diet. Dr. Nicole Avena discusses 5 surprising places added sugar might be lurking in your diet.

Pitfalls of Paleo

Paleo isn’t always perfect. Dr. Amy Myers explores some of the pitfalls of a Paleo diet, including ignoring the gut, and the 80/20 rule.