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This New Years Eve, set a goal to be the HEALTHIEST version of you. Listen to your body and follow these 8 steps from Emily Schromm.

Kate Galliett

Have you ever hurt your ankle? Perhaps you stepped off a curb wrong, rolling it so hard that you sprained it. Or maybe you got taken out at the ankles by an opponent in your football game, as a kid or as an adult, causing a serious injury to the ankle. The vast majority of […]


Paleo is a great starting point for health. However, not all metabolisms are created equally. In this talk, Dr. Ludwig Johnson explores the four key components that make our metabolisms different, and details specific tweaks he makes to treat metabolic syndromes. Using Paleo as a starting point, Dr. Johnson has used this program to prevent and […]

Why Diets Fail

Menno Henselmans explains why the advice to “eat less, move more” is responsible for more failed diets than McDonald’s, and what to do for real results.


Daniel Vitalis describes the domestication of both our modern food supply and our bodies, and teaches you how to rewild yourself.

Stand Up Straight

Stand up straight! Chad Walding explains how to become more informed about basic human anatomy, and how to undo the damage of chronic sitting.


Learn two foam roller exercises that can make a HUGE difference in your musculoskeletal health, functional mobility, and decreasing/preventing pain.

Day Job

Your day job + fitness goals Your day job might leave your gym ambitions completely hamstrung. This isn’t something many people think about. You’re sitting at your desk, answering emails and taking phone calls. Maybe you stroll down the hall to refill your coffee. You’re sitting at a lunch meeting, sitting in the car to […]


Part 2: 4 Common Pitfalls When Using Heart Rate Variability To Determine Training Intensity (And How To Avoid Them) In part I, I went over the basics of HRV to help you get the most of out your training. In this article I will discuss the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Pitfall 1: Following the Daily […]


Wouldn’t it be great to maximize the great workouts and limit the bad ones? HRV could be the tool to make that happen. Learn how to use it.

Heavy Things.

It took me a while to come around to the way of the barbell. Back in the day, before I found CrossFit and strength training, I was a long-form cardio, aerobic workout queen. Triathlons, half marathons, 100-mile bike rides: these were the things that made me feel challenged and invigorated. Then I became the person […]

Gym Skeleton

Physical fitness is a valuable thing to possess, a gift we give ourselves through a willingness to learn, sacrifice and do the hard work. It’s also a gift many of us give as we teach, encourage and support those in need of guidance. The result can be quite beautiful—in fact, training could be considered an art. […]