The Paleogram: a Paleo Plan for Unique Metabolisms

July 27th, 2015 Dr. Ludwig Johnson 0 Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Women

Paleo is a great starting point for health. However, not all metabolisms are created equally. In this talk, Dr. Ludwig Johnson explores the four key components that make our metabolisms different, and details specific tweaks he makes to treat metabolic syndromes. Using Paleo as a starting point, Dr. Johnson has used this program to prevent and […]

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Day Job

How Your Day Job Affects Your Fitness

May 2nd, 2014 Jim Laird 0 Fitness, Lifestyle

Your day job + fitness goals Your day job might leave your gym ambitions completely hamstrung. This isn’t something many people think about. You’re sitting at your desk, answering emails and taking phone calls. Maybe you stroll down the hall to refill your coffee. You’re sitting at a lunch meeting, sitting in the car to […]

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