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woman sleeping

Sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley has 5 tips to help you sleep like a rock, no matter how stressful your life may be.

Mental Health

Mental health is traditionally treated with therapy and pills. Richie Hedderman explains how exercise and nutrition are therapeutic tools worth considering.

Beyond Standing Desks

Standing desks are a great first step to improve a sedentary lifestyle. Chris Masterjohn shares 5 more tips to fight chronic sitting and restore mobility.

Paleo Baby Food

Kids are getting sick from consuming too much sugar. Learn how the world’s first Paleo baby food aims to solve that problem.

Sitting at Desk

Do you sit all day, like all too many of us in the modern world? Chad Walding explores three movements you can do to regain mobility and end pain.

Welcome to Austin, TX

Austin is home to TONS of local, health-centric, paleo-friendly restaurants (even if they don’t say “paleo” on the menu). Of course, in the Paleo community, Austin is known as the home of Picnik. Picnik started as a small food truck on the famous South Lamar. It has since grown to a national brand with multiple […]

paleo diet

What is the Paleo diet? Ask one hundred different 21st century cavemen (and women) “What is the Paleo Diet?”, and you might get one hundred different answers. However, the definition is pretty simple: The Paleo, or “Paleolithic,” diet is the original human diet.  It embodies a commitment to eating the same foods that your Stone […]

Mike Bledsoe Barbell Shrugged

Presenting Mike Bledsoe at Health Entrepreneur F(x) 2018… What does it take to earn the #1 podcast spot in iTunes in fitness and nutrition? “Barbell Shrugged” co-host and CEO, Michael Bledsoe knows. With more than one-million downloads each month, he wants to share his secrets with you and others attending Health Entrepreneurs f(x) 2018. Happening in […]


This isn’t your average health conference or functional medicine event… On April 27th through Sunday, April 29th, thousands of people from around the globe will descend into Austin, Texas for what is promised to be the most epic Paleo f(x)™ conference to date. In its 7th year running as the only paleo conference around the […]

Keith Norris PFX17

What if Paleo f(x)™ didn’t get off the ground? Since 2011, thousands of people have united in Austin, Texas each year to spend time with their “tribe” at Paleo f(x)™. We’ve loved (and learned) from every minute of it. From showcasing talented paleo bloggers [with delicious pancake recipes], to providing you with education and resources  to enhance […]

Lift Heavy

Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live. Learn why you need to lift heavy, and how anyone can get started with strength training.

Polyface Salad Bar

Paleo f(x)™ founder Keith Norris recaps a weekend at the legendary Polyface Farms, the ultimate experimenting ground for sustainable farming practices.