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Building Bridges in the Paleo Movement

by Paleo f(x) Admin
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“Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

That quote speaks volumes, does it not?  How many of us are more personally invested in the path, rather than the end goal?  Beholden to dogma, rather than outcome?

One of the main goals of Paleo f(x)™ is to foster—philosophically, politically, economically, and environmentally—the creation of a society where every one of us has unmitigated access to vibrant, sustainably-produced, real food.  Now, consider the numerous and onerous obstacles standing in the way of achieving that goal.  And they are numerous and onerous. Dizzyingly so.

These obstacles include (but are certainly not limited to) a massively misinformed populace, wrong-headed government policy and intervention, “factory farming” of animals, the mono-crop agriculture system and its reliance on the petroleum tether, the lost art of holistic animal/crop rotation, and the complete degradation of once healthy soil.  What else?  Pollution (in all forms), over-reliance on antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and a slew of other chemical menaces.  We could go on (and on and on….).

Quite simply, things have to change for the better before they spin too wildly out of control.  Those of us in the Paleo community get that. And, as students of evolution, we also “get” that the earth will heal and self-correct—with or without us.

So now with that bigger picture in place, we ask you this: is the divide between us and the vegan community really all that significant in comparison?  Is the divide between us and any dietary faction all that significant?  Do we stubbornly adhere to and defend the righteousness of the path, while the goal slips ever further away?

At Paleo f(x)™, we say no.

Those of us within the Paleo movement, of course, realize that the basic “nutrient density” tenets of this diet are far superior to any other dietary theory available.  It is the only viable option for properly nourishing our bodies, minds and souls.  In fact, it is the only viable option that, when viewed through the lens of evolution, can make sense.

But Paleo is more, much more, than the diet itself.  Paleo is about fighting for access to pristine sources of those nutrient dense foods.  And for that we need allies, and sheer numbers, to overcome those numerous and onerous obstacles to attaining pristine, sustainable, nutrient-dense foods.

Of course, we have differences with vegans, vegetarians, and even those within the Weston A. Price camp.  But are those differences so great that we can’t join forces to seek the overriding goal of unmitigated access to real, vibrant, sustainably-produced food for everyone?  Fortunately, we’re not the only oneswho think the answer is ‘no’.

All of us in these camps—Paleo, vegetarian, Weston A. Price—are animal rights activists.   We all demand an end to factory farming.  We all want to see an end to the GMO-laden, mono-crop system and nurture a resurgence of sustainable, family-operated farming.  We all want to procure locally, not internationally.  We all want to see seasonality return to our dietary patterns.  We all want to put an end to irresponsible use of pesticides and other unsustainable, chemical intervention.

We see Paleo f(x)™ as that unifying force.  We see it as an organization committed, not just to educating the masses on proper nutrition, but as a potent activist juggernaut, fighting for change in the current food-supply status quo.  We are that entity that all people can rely upon to champion unmitigated access to vibrant, sustainably-produced, real food.

We may disagree vehemently on the finer points of our dietary particulars, but on this we can all agree: the surest way to control a populace (for good or ill) is to control it’s food production and supply.  We either unify and fight to regain control of that production and supply, or we cede control and live as mere supplicants to a controlling few.

It really is as simple as that.

In health, fitness, and ancestral wellness,
Keith and Michelle Norris,
Founders & Owners of Paleo f(x)™

Header photo: Fog in the Golden Gate Bridge.  Licensed under the Creative Commons.


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