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Easy Mouthwatering Paleo Coconut Macaroons

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Paleo Desserts & Coconut Macaroon InspirationTable of Contents1 Paleo Desserts & Coconut Macaroon Inspiration2 Dessert with Benefits3 Macaroons vs. Macarons4 What are MCTs?5 MCT Digestion6 MCTs and Fitness7 Mix it Up!8 5-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons Recipe8.1 Ingredients8.2 Instructions9 The Aftermath… I remember the first time I made these coconut macaroons.   There was a recipe online […]

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Paleo f(x)™ This Year

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This isn’t your average health conference or functional medicine event…Table of Contents1 This isn’t your average health conference or functional medicine event…1.1 1. Learn the Latest Updates in the Science of Paleo1.2 2. Walk Away with Practical Applications 1.3 3. Taste & Try the Latest Health Technologies & Paleo-Friendly Food Products1.4 4. You Get to […]

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The Top 8 Paleo Diet Mistakes People Make | Paleo f(x)

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The Paleo diet rules are simple:Table of Contents1 The Paleo diet rules are simple:1.1 The #1 Paleo Diet Rule that Matters1.1.1 Paleo can be confusing…1.2 Enter the Dilemma: What IS “Paleo” and what is NOT “Paleo?!”1.3 8 Paleo Rules Gone Wrong: The Top Mistakes People Make When Going Paleo1.3.1 (1) Rule: “Eat Real Food—Including Nuts […]

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