Perfect Paleo Margarita

Serenity Heegel 0 News, Recipes

For years, Robb Wolf’s NorCal margarita recipe has been the go-to cocktail for those who want an alcoholic drink that minimizes damage to blood sugar. This tasty tipple is gluten free, lime juice dampens the insulin response, and bubbles from soda water speed up alcohol delivery to the bloodstream. But! It lacks one critical flavor […]

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Heavy Things.

Why I Lift Heavy Things

Melissa Joulwan 0 Fitness, Lifestyle

It took me a while to come around to the way of the barbell. Back in the day, before I found CrossFit and strength training, I was a long-form cardio, aerobic workout queen. Triathlons, half marathons, 100-mile bike rides: these were the things that made me feel challenged and invigorated. Then I became the person […]

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Ancient Medicine

Why Are We Paleo?

Dr. Daniel Stickler 0 Health, Lifestyle, Mindset

We (those who follow a paleo lifestyle) are viewed as fanatical because we go “against the grain” of conventional wisdom. We are going up against mental filters based on ingrained beliefs; and when something does not jive with a belief system, it is filtered out as irrelevant, misguided, or plain wrong—we call this cognitive dissonance. […]

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Roasted Chicken

Perfect Paleo Roasted Chicken

Serenity Heegel 0 Nutrition, Recipes

Roasting whole chickens is great for several reasons: per pound they’re cheaper than boneless skinless breasts, cooking meat on the bone makes it juicer, and the leftover carcass supplies bones for bone broth. Making sure each part of the bird cooks at the same rate is tricky and has been known to cause mass frustration […]

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