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What are some common lessons we can take from people who live the longest lives on earth? It’s a question many of us have: How can we live longer, without sacrificing quality of life? There are certain populations around the world that seem to have the longevity secret unlocked… but what do all these random […]

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Paleo f(x)™ 2018 app

The Official Paleo f(x)™ 2018 App (User Guide)

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Your Complete Guide to Using the Paleo f(x)™ 2018 Event AppTable of Contents1 Your Complete Guide to Using the Paleo f(x)™ 2018 Event App1.1 SCHEDULE:1.2 SPEAKERS1.3 MAP1.4 NOTIFICATIONS1.5 KEYNOTE TALKS1.6 MEET THE SPEAKERS1.7 AUSTIN INFO1.8 GENERAL INFORMATION1.9 MERCH1.10 2019 BADGES1.11 SPONSORS You’ve asked for it, and now you’ve got it… The Paleo f(x)™ app is here! For […]

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2018 Speaker Book Signings and Selfie Schedule

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Book Signings & Selfie Schedule **Saturday, April 28** 10:00am-10:30am Kyle Kingsbury – Selfie Booth 10:30am-11:00am Elizabeth Rich 11:00-11:30 Luke Storey – Selfie Booth 11:30-12:00 Emily Johnson – Selfie Booth 11:30-12:00 Cavin Balaster – Book signing 12:00-12:30 Dr. Richard Maurer – Selfie Booth 12:00-12:30 Dr. Richard Maurer – Book signing 12:30-1:00 Matt Gersper – Selfie Booth 12:30-1:00 Matt Gersper – Book […]

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