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8 Things to Do in Austin While Attending Paleo f(x)—(Plus Best Paleo Austin Restaurants)

Paleo f(x) happens but once a year in what we like to call one of the “coolest cities on earth”—Austin, Texas….

But don’t just take our word for it… Listen to what others are saying.

In 2017, US News & World Report ranked Austin as the number one Best City to Live in America, and Austin continually tops the charts of other polls as well including, one of the “Happiest Cities,” 

Whether you are NEW to visiting our great city, or you live here year round, there’s no better time than Paleo f(x) to make a whole experience, vacation (or staycation) out of the conference.

Here are our Top 8 Picks of Things to Do in Austin While Attending Paleo f(x)…

Mount Bonnell, Austin, TX

1. Catch the Sunset at Mount Bonnell

Want to see the whole city at once? Head on up to Mount Bonnell for a “breathtaking” sights of the Hill Country, downtown, UT-Austin, lakes and trails, and surrounding areas. All you gotta do? Walk about 102 stairs up. Not a far hike and totally worth it.

2. Watch the Bats at Congress Bridge

Have you ever seen a bat fly? How about 1.5 million bats?—All at once? The Congress Bridge attracts hundreds of people throughout the week, every night, to come see the famous Austin bats fly away from under the bridge—like clockwork. Every evening at sunset, the bats come out and it’s a sight to see. (Check out Bat Conservation International for more information)

3. Paddleboard or Kayak Lady Bird Lake

We call Lady Bird Lake the “Mecca” of Austin. It’s the place where all Austinites in the city flock to for running, biking, walking and paddling. Check out the Texas Rowing Center nestled in the middle of the trail where you can rent an hourly paddle of choice (paddleboaring, kayaking or canoeing). While you’re at it, consider renting bikes too. Fast Folks on East Cesar Chavez offers daily rentals, as does Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop and the Bicycle Sport Shop. There are also hourly bike rental stations scattered throughout downtown.

4. Take a Hike.

What better way to start the day than to set out on the open trail at a popular Austin hike spot, like the Green Belt, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, Emma Long Park, or River Place Nature Trail , to get your booty in gear before hitting up the conference?

Live music in Austin, TX

5. Be a Groupie.

Austin is the “Live Music Capitol of the World” for a reason—there is always a show to catch and music playing in the background. From hitting up the bar scene on 6th Street downtown, to popping in to one of the hundreds of local music venues and dives throughout the city, there is sure to be tons of musical flavors to choose from—depending on your taste. As the event draws near check out the local music calendars including: do512, Austin 360 and the Austin Chronicle for what’s playing now. Not into live music but like entertainment? Hit up the Alamo Drafthouse or Violet Crown Cinema for a local movie theater vibe.

6. Put Your Cowboy Boots On & Dance

Austin is not super country, however, we are in the heart of Texas (and every one needs to two-step at least once in their lifetime). Check out The Broken Spoke, White Horse or Dance Across Texas to get your two-step on.

7. Mix Up Your Fitness

Austin is ranked one of the   “fittest cities” in America for a reason—there are hundreds of options to choose from. (In fact, a simple “Yelp” search alone yields upwards of almost 2,000 results of studios and trainers). Whether you like spinning, bootcamps, Pilates, yoga, Barre, CrossFit, yoga, boxing, martial arts, Parkour, hiking, biking and beyond, there is something for you. We know the people of Paleo f(x) appreciate a healthy lifestyle and just because you’re on vacation doesn’t have to mean giving up your fave routine (or mixing it up). Austin Fit Magazine provides an updated list of some of the best studios and fitness options to check out in Austin. And some of our recommended LOCAL faves?

Spin: Love Cycling Studio, RIDE
CrossFit: CrossFit Central, CrossFit Jaakarhu and CrossFit South Lamar
Yoga: Wanderlust, Sanctuary Yoga
Functional Fitness: Onnit, Madabolic, Atomic Athlete

8. People Watch at Whole Foods & Dive into Paleo-Friendly Restaurants

Call us “boring,” but you will think twice when you see our Flagship Whole Foods store. Nestled in the heart of downtown, Whole Foods got its start here in Austin and the massiveness of the flagship store speaks for itself. Find any cuisine you like and enjoy post-conference dinner at one of the specialty venues (fish market, barbecue, bistro, sushi bar, etc.). And, aside from the loved grocery store, Austin is home to TONS of local, health-centric, paleo-friendly restaurants (even if they don’t say “paleo” on the menu). Some options aside from Picnick (the acclaimed Paleo restaurant of the city)?

Want more happenings of “what to do” in Austin?
Check out our local buzz feeds for the latest:

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