Let Nature Take It’s Course: Green Paleo Cookies for St Paddy’s Day


When the new speaker’s schedule was released recently, I was immediately the most excited for the Cave Kids – Raising your Little Neanderthals panel. I have a fairly picky little toddler who adores my baked goods, but frequently turns his nose up to some of our main entrees. So much so that I specifically formulated an entire chapter of my new cookbook to cater to Paleo children who are picky eaters. With popular child-friendly books already under their belts, it will be inspiring to hear recipe tips from Stacy Toth and Sarah Fragoso and nutritional advice from Chris Kresser,Marissa Pelligrino, and Dr. Emily Deans.

I find the best way to get my son to eat the things I make is to let him participate in the process. If he sees what is going into the bowl or the oven and gets to lend a hand, he is more willing to try the final product and see what all of his work resulted in. These naturally green cookies are probably one of the most fun recipes we make and as a bonus, there’s a science lesson involved! They are nut and egg free, so they’re also a practical cookie to send to allergy-friendly schools while still allowing your kids to enjoy a special treat at the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations happening this week.

Click the photo for the recipe on Against All Grain!